Are we shaken up by corona or do we continue sleeping?

Do we still opt for cheaper or do we go for safer, better, and more sustainable?

Barely recovered from the fear of the coronavirus outbreak in China, the first consequences quickly became apparent. Besides the sad numbers of fatalities and the risk of contamination for other countries, China turned out to be a master of taking drastic measures. A lot of work shifted to Europe. At the same time, delivery times were increasing, there was a shortage of parts and consequently a delay in printed circuit board production.

Never that dependent again

Initially, voices were also raised here in the Netherlands that we made ourselves too dependent on countries like China and that we should never let this happen again. Now that we are a few months on, the virus has spread all over the world. We are slowly becoming aware of the effects of the virus on our economy and I honestly wonder how much of it remains. We talk about quality, reliability, safety, and traceability. We detest counterfeiting and love to talk about sustainability. But when push comes to shove, the lowest price often still seems to be the most important throughout the chain. This lowest price is precisely what promotes poor quality and counterfeit products. Out of length or out of width, you end up getting what you pay for, even if you buy in China. The price is the rub.

Sham prosperity

We mostly do it ourselves. We want cheaper parts and products from China, again and again, even now our own economy desperately needs us. We simply seem to let go of all the standards we have set so high. On a macroeconomic scale, we are creating a certain kind of false prosperity in China, while we know that people must be hung out to dry over there. You do not have to be a mathematician to calculate that television with all the latest fittings for 500 euros is impossible and that the very latest gadgets cannot be produced at rock-bottom prices.

When it comes down to it, we choose the lowest prices and therefore unreliable products. So, I seriously wonder; are we shaken up by corona or not?

It can be done differently: if you choose quality and the certainty of that quality. We do not go blindly for the lowest price. Not before, not during, and not after the coronavirus. We believe it is important that we can guarantee the quality of our services and products to our customers. The lowest price just does not always match. In return, you get products that work exactly like the prototypes. As they should!

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