Consumer product for mass production

Tricas Industrial Design & Engineering specializes in developing innovative, attractive and feasible products. The so-called Next Generation Products.
In their role as a developer of multidisciplinary products, they often work with external specialists, which Casper has been one of for several years.

Working with ‘tech-nerds’

We speak with Dennis Freië, founder and commercial director of Tricas, and our regular contact. He explains: “We prefer to work with freelance ‘tech-nerds’ – in the most positive sense of the word – who can support us in the field of electronics and software development. Casper is such a person and that’s why we have been working closely with him for years. He is very passionate and has a lot of professional knowledge. That means he can take a lot of work off our hands. That added value goes both ways. Where his expertise ends, that of our team continues. This way we can develop special products for our customers together.”

That the relationship of trust between Tricas and Pink Fluffy Unicorns BV is strong, is evident from the fact that Casper can also contact the customers himself if necessary.

“We go to Casper for all the knowledge he has, his personality and his motivation. With this combination, we like to deploy him as a lead engineer or as a sparring partner for our own employees.”

Consumer product for mass production

Together with Tricas, Casper works mainly on special issues for products that must be suitable for use by consumers and must, therefore, be able to be mass-produced.

This relates to a hand-held product with an internal heating element which must be able to be heated to 230 ° C, without the consumer feeling that. The heating process releases a specific ingredient, which can have harmful effects on the user when used at the wrong temperature. This makes the heating element not only crucial for the use of the product – holding it- but also for the effect of the usage – harmful or not.

Another important part of this device is the battery. The consumer wants the longest possible battery life in the lightest possible product. In addition, the battery must not be affected by the heating that takes place in the device.

The most important question with which we have completed the development was therefore: how do we ensure that the device is both safe ánd working properly ánd not harmful to the health of its users?

“When developing this product, we deal with issues from both the customer’s and the consumer’s point of view. The customer would like a product that is ready for mass production. The goal is to produce 1 million units per month. It must therefore also be an affordable product. 

Consumers consider affordable just as important, but a product must also be safe and fast to use, have a long battery life and be handy. 

Casper and our developers must work very closely together. Only then can we combine the best of all disciplines and deliver the desired result.”

Energy management, safety factors, thermal management and battery technology

Because many different, equally important, techniques had to be used, many tests have been done along the way. Not only on the operation of all parts separately and together, but especially also on single point of failure. What happens if one part inside the device breaks? What effect will this have on the use and on the other parts? In this way, every possible “danger” for the consumer is investigated and removed in advance.

“Because Casper has experience with these kinds of complex designs, we asked him for this project. At the start for the development of the hardware only, but practice proves there’s a large grey area that does not fit a specific part of the development. Even then we can count on Casper. Despite the enormous time pressure, he’s always flexible and assists where and when needed. He takes his responsibility and is – where possible – proactive in proposing options and solutions.”Pink Fluff


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