We like to be clear. In everything. So also, about money and investments. With us, you can go in all directions in terms of service.

Do you want a combination of services, or do you have something else in mind? Let us know! For a Pink Fluffy Unicorn, the sky is the limit.

Something for everyone

Whether you want to have an electronic device developed or look for someone to critically think with you about your plans. Our Pink Fluffy Unicorns are happy to help you. We also fulfill interim assignments in the areas of development, lead engineering and process management.

In order to keep things as clear as possible, we use two rates.

  • Development rate € 95,00 ex VAT per hour
  • Consultancy and interim rate € 136,50 ex VAT per hour

Our rates are all-in. Do you want us to accompany you when you visit your customer? Not a problem! Is it better to get together personally to brainstorm, discuss or assess prototypes? We’ll be there.

Every customer and every process is different. Due to our extensive experience, most of the time we can estimate in advance which contribution we can make and estimate what the investment will be.

We can even take care of the production of the electronics for you. This way you know you are in good hands in that area as well.

Do you have an issue which needs the help of boundlessly thinking experts? Get in touch with us! We’ll make an action plan and let you know which rate or rates apply.

Sometimes you just need a

Pink Fluffy Unicorn

to get the job done...