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Kikki Scheffers

Business Manager

Within Pink Fluffy Unicorns, Kikki works on the business strategy and takes care of marketing and PR, human resource, and procurement.

I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that. Anyone working with Kikki will recognize that this famous Pippi Longstocking quote perfectly describes her approach to work.

She enjoys the wide range of tasks, unburdening the Unicorns and enabling them to focus on their core expertise.

Like a true Pink Fluffy Unicorn, Kikki aims for optimal results, paying attention to every possible detail. And when she runs out of knowledge, she knows how to tap into her network to gain the relevant expertise.

‘Pink Fluffy Unicorns allows me to further my professional development. To become more proficient, but also to learn new things. I fully exploit my Pippi Longstocking approach and love every minute of it.’