Who are Pink Fluffy Unicorns BV?

Pink Fluffy Unicorns are cuddly, approachable creatures that can magically make electronics problems disappear.

With their own (quirky) view of their world, they come up with solutions that people wouldn’t think possible. They have the freedom to develop without limits and make the wishes of their clients come true in a mesmerizing way.

Unique, talented, and driven to bring out the best of every collaboration, that characterizes Pink Fluffy Unicorns. ‘Woolly’, we are not, but determined, straightforward and, if necessary, quirky to achieve the best solutions for our customers.

  “At Pink Fluffy Unicorns BV, we are only satisfied when our customer is.”

Based on the electronics, at Pink Fluffy Unicorns BV we know exactly what kind of company we are dealing with. We have extensive and broad experience in various aspects of both the development and production of electronics. And with managing such projects. This ensures a good overview of the impact of these processes in your company. Knowing our qualities and our added value, enables us to work on the best results with passion and pleasure.

Inventors, Creative Minds and Workhorses

We have Inventors, Creative Minds and Workhorses in the world of electronics. Inventors are full of ideas, but never finish anything. The Creative Minds convert the Inventors’ ideas into something workable and tangible. The Workhorses finish everything off meticulously, down to the very last tiny detail. Pink Fluffy Unicorns are a combination of a Creative Mind and a Workhorse: we convert ideas to something workable and tangible and finish it off meticulously, down to the last tiny detail.

Groundbreaking in electronics development

Together we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Trust and quality come first, and the completed work must be perfect in every possible way. We communicate clear and fulfil our promises. Where others stop, we go a step further. We push boundaries in electronics development and bring your ideas to life.

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