Of course we can tell you we are the best at what we do. But it certainly feels better when our customers do this for us instead.

“The development team of Tricas has successfully cooperated with Casper a number of times. In these partnerships Casper supported us in the field of hardware and software development. Besides his deep knowledge and extensive experience in the field of electronics development, he is well able to work in a multidisciplinary team. One of his strong characteristics is the structured way of working, especially in the field of validation this provides a lot of benefit. Critical moments arise in most development processes, due to deadlines and / or technical challenges, at these moments Casper has shown that he takes the responsibility to successfully complete the project. We are happy to have Casper as a partner of our external expertise team and look forward to the next collaboration.” 

– Dennis Freie, owner, Tricas Industrial Design & Engineering

“Casper is a true professional at his work as a hardware / electronics engineer. He will get you the job done and take care of all the details involved. Besides, he understands the business context in which his work should fit and he is a nice colleague. Somewhat stubborn, but always himself and responsible to the people around him.”

– Bert Garlich, CEO, ZuiZ Visual Intelligence

“Casper has helped us tremendously in getting our prototype working by solving malfunctions and debugging the electronics. He has a lot of ready knowledge and experience. What we have also appreciated: Casper meets his commitments, thinks in terms of solutions and is very flexible.”

– David Uhlenbroich, CEO EDolly | Fashion Solutions.

“Casper has designed a number of PCBs for us from electrical scheme to lay-out. Despite the pressure of time Casper has brought this to a good end. It was a pleasant collaboration, in which Casper brings his passion for technology in his own way.”

– Marco de Jong, electronics design engineer, BD Kiestra