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Sure, we can tell you we are good at what we do.
But we prefer to let our customers do the talking.

Although our customers are successful entrepreneurs, they used to worry about their electronics. They searched for reliable engineers to develop or improve their products. They required specific expertise, were unable to solve a problem or looking for a (new) partnership. Whatever their request, they found what they were looking for with Pink Fluffy Unicorns.

Because, like us, they are serious about their work and demand hassle-free quality.
Experience fun and success with our customers. That’s what we do it for!

Below, several customers will explain how they experienced their collaboration with us.

“An informed choice of partners is so important. By opting for Demcon Advanced Mechatronics and Pink Fluffy Unicorns, we have assembled the best possible professionals to help us forward. It’s the only way to achieve our goals. Every potential partner is subject to rigorous selection criteria.

Casper is a cool guy. Technically, I can’t review his work because I lack his knowledge. So I have to trust him – and I do. Also, we have Demcon to carry out checks. They do have the technical knowledge and experience to evaluate what Casper and his team make. Frank and Casper go back a long time. Adding Pink Fluffy Unicorns to this team was based on that experience.”

– Reinier Vrolijk, COO and founder at smartQare

‘I enjoy Casper’s involvement and how he bridges the gap between what I know and need, detailing all the possible choices. It enables me to gain a quick and clear overview of the opportunities, making my work a lot easier.

Furthermore, I fully trust Casper and his team to develop a high-quality product that will pass inspection. If they do it, I know there will be no hassle. Of course we carry out tests as well, but really, we just go through the motions and don’t expect to find any bugs. There hardly ever are any.’

– Matthijs Monkelbaan, engineer at MetroPolder Company

‘Pink Fluffy Unicorns, I have seen many frown upon hearing this company name. Don’t be fooled, Casper is a true craftsman with a lot of experience in electronics development and production. Casper thinks from an end user point of view, and is flexible as part of a dynamic development team consisting of different disciplines.

The fact that the electronics designer makes the PCB layout himself is unique and ensures an increased quality compared to larger organizations where someone else is responsible for the PCB layout.’

– Joost Brilman, Sr. Electronics Engineer at Demcon advanced mechatronics

‘I was looking for someone who could bring the prototype closer to a manufacturable model. Somebody tipped me off about Casper and together we took the next step. He has had a clear share in not only developing the electronics of Timio® but also in the functionality of the toy. Because he can think from the end user point of view and thinks very practical, we came up with remarkable solutions.

Despite Casper not being able to deliver the software at that time, I am pleased with our collaboration. Casper listens to what you would like most, translates that into possibilities and then develops it further. Now that I know he has other software developers on his team, I will certainly think of him if I want to develop something completely new or if someone else is looking for a good electronics developer.’

– Basile Fattal, Founder and managing director at TIMIO BV

‘The development team of Tricas has successfully cooperated with Casper a number of times. In these partnerships, Casper supported us in the field of hardware and software development. Besides his deep knowledge and extensive experience in the field of electronics development, he is well able to work in a multidisciplinary team.

One of his strong characteristics is the structured way of working, especially in the field of validation this provides a lot of benefit. Critical moments arise in most development processes, due to deadlines and / or technical challenges. At these moments Casper has shown that he takes the responsibility to successfully complete the project. We are happy to have Casper as a partner of our external expertise team and look forward to the next collaboration.’

– Dennis Freie, commercial director and founder at Tricas Industrial Design & Engineering

‘Casper is a true professional at his work as a hardware/electronics engineer. He will get you the job done and take care of all the details involved. Besides, he understands the business context in which his work should fit and he is a nice colleague.

Somewhat stubborn, but always himself and responsible to the people around him.’

– Bert Garlich, CEO at ZuiZ Visual Intelligence