Our Pink Fluffy Unicorns

Pink Fluffy Unicorns BV is not only Casper van Doorne of course. Our team consists of people with fire in their hearts and magic in their fingers. Each with our own specialty, together we make the best of things for our customers. 

We would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Casper van Doorne
Elektronica Expert and Chief Unicorn 

Casper is fascinated by electronics and technology and is not a regular techie at all. In his professional career, he has gained experience with many aspects of the development and production of electronics, project management and the ramifications for a company.

Show me your electronics, and I’ll tell you what kind of company you are” – is not without reason a well-known and typical statement of our Chief Unicorn.

A combination of a Creative Mind and a Workhorse that is how Casper sees himself. He knows how to convert the ideas of his customers perfectly into something workable and tangible, down to the very last tiny detail. Everything Casper gets his hands on, he finishes meticulously. He will continue doing his work until it is as close to perfection as possible, seen from every angle.

Casper dreams of a mini empire in which he can make his team members, suppliers, and customers happy. He wants to set up a nice company whit people doing what makes them happy and what they are good at. A company that suppliers enthusiastically cooperate with. Where customers are made happy with electronics which are even better than they had hoped for. With Pink Fluffy Unicorns BV and the team of specialists he collects there, the first step of his mini empire is a fact.

And if we ever get the chance to mean something to the world, we will definitely do that“, Casper says.

Kikki Scheffers
Business Manager

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.” Anyone who works with Kikki will quickly recognize this well-known quote from Pippi Longstocking in her way of working.

At Pink Fluffy Unicorns BV, Kikki takes care of everything that does not have to do with electronics itself. She leaves that (for the time being) with love to the other Unicorns. She tackles what she can do and that is basically just about everything. And whatever she tackles, she makes sure she does it very well. As befits a real Pink Fluffy Unicorn, she goes all out, with an eye for every detail!

And if she does not know herself, she will always be able to find the knowledge somewhere else, thanks to her extensive network.

The marketing and communication about the electronics that are designed and produced by the Unicorns is one of the many things that Kikki likes to focus on completely. Her range of duties is wide, and Casper no longer has to deal with all kinds of things he is not good at or where his heart is not.

Kikki can read and write with our Chief Unicorn and ensures that he can mainly do what he is best at: developing and advising on electronics.

“At Pink Fluffy Unicorns BV, I get the opportunity to develop myself even further. In areas that I already have experience with, but also to learn and pick up new things. My Pippi Longstocking setting is fully utilized and I enjoy that every day!”

Daniel Campora
Software Engineer

Daniel is a software engineer in heart and soul. He has been doing this work since he graduated from the Technical University in Venezuela 12 years ago. From Venezuela he left for Spain, where he lived for five years. His next destination was the Netherlands. 

Software engineering is not the only thing Daniel has done. For example, he has been CTO of a company that developed programs for programming IoT products with Python. After building on this dynamic company for a few years, Daniel found that his heart is somewhere else.

“Developing embedded software is where I thrive!”, says Daniel. And that is how his freelance career started. Casper and Daniel met at Tricas. This cooperation went so well that Daniel became a member of our permanent team of Unicorns from that moment on.

“I like the perfectionistic attitude. At Pink Fluffy Unicorns BV, we are always striving to achieve the highest quality and results possible. I love to do my part in that process. I have learned a lot from Casper and hope to get the chance to teach him more about software engineering.”

Daniel would love to develop and implement our own Version Control System for Hardware Development someday. In the meantime, he is lovingly working on all the cool projects we can do for our clients.


Marcel Coolen

“Always different, dynamic, and sometimes frustrating, but above all super fun!”, is the answer you get when you ask Marcel what it is like to be a Pink Fluffy Unicorn.

Marcel has an important role in our team as an E-layouter. As soon as Casper and Daniel finish the schematics for the hardware and the software that needs to be developed, Marcel’s up. He ensures that the physical layout of the printed circuit boards is constructed as logically, optimally, and perfectly as possible. As a purebred techie with over 20 years of experience, you cannot make him happier than with this work.

Marcel and Casper met early in their careers at ITEC, then a division of Philips Semiconductors, now part of Nexperia. They met a couple of times later on, but the real bromance started at Pink Fluffy Unicorns. It was quickly clear; Marcel ís a Pink Fluffy Unicorn!

 “The difference with other assignments is that Pink Fluffy Unicorns have much higher demands on work. The method is very visually arranged. Everything must be perfect, and the standard is much higher than ‘normal’.”

This way of working may initially take a little more time, but also ensures that the success rate is much higher. In the long term, this saves a lot of time and therefore money.”