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Case Studies

We would like to provide some insight into our work and why you may expect more from Pink Fluffy Unicorns than from other companies.

Our case studies are based on interviews and cover both the advantages and disadvantages of working with us.

Every article is written and published with the consent of all persons involved.

smartQare – viQtor

As is often the case with our clients, smartQare’s product began with a need. A very personal need, in fact. The mothers of Reinier Vrolijk and co-founder Ronald Olie both suffer from severe health problems. Due to all the concerns involved, the men came up with the idea to develop a complete solution that enables 24/7 remote monitoring. To ease their moms’ burdens and that of other people.

14 juni 2022 Read more

MetroPolder Company – Polderdak

For this business case we talk to Matthijs Monkelbaan, the world’s first Polderdak® engineer. As his job title says, he is the first engineer who was involved in developing Polderdak for MetroPolder Company. He talks about Casper’s view in solving an apparent problem. And about the pros and cons of the fact that Quick and Dirty is never an option at Pink Fluffy Unicorns.

22 april 2022 Read more

Lode B.V. – PFM

We assistend Lode in the development of the Pedal Force Meter (PFM) printed circuit board. This addition to the existing ergometers ensures that the power someone delivers during the tests – or exercises – can also be measured. In a conversation with Jan Reinder Fransens, R&D manager at Lode, we talk about this collaboration.

1 augustus 2021 Read more

WeLLDesign – WTW Controller

Besides engineering in -usually- long term projects, we also do short projects with simple targets. Just like a project we recently did for WeLLDesign. They were looking for a party that would be able to develop a fan controller quickly and competently. From design to delivery of the final product on their desk in two weeks. “Can you manage that?” is what Arjan Oosterhuis asked us.
Sure, we can! And we did.

6 juli 2021 Read more

Businesscase Timio®

Timio® is educational toys with a completely new look. It is the first screen-free digital device on which children of all ages can listen to music and audio. In the kickstarter phase of this toy, which has since been richly rewarded with awards, we were able to contribute to the development of electronics. Basile tells how he experienced this collaboration and what obstacles we encountered.

25 mei 2021 Read more