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What we do

Although our work is far from simple, what we do is easy to explain.
We translate our customers’ ideas into something tangible. We do so by developing electronics or supporting a product’s continued development or improvement.

We can also assist as a consultant or external lead engineer.

We develop electronics

Regardless of the developing stage of your company or product, we love to help you achieve your company goals with electronics that work.

You want to find out the feasibility of your product

Tell us what you intend to do. What do you think is a great market opportunity, and how can electronics help you seize it? Which need do you wish to fulfill, and what will be the result?

We develop a proof of concept to test the feasibility of your idea.

You wish to produce prototypes

You already know your product is likely to succeed. You require prototypes to test and approve, to attract investors, and obtain certifications. Prototypes that support your company goals and vision.

We have ample experience in this area and enjoy being involved from the start. This is an optimal time to create benefits for your future production process. How? We can’t wait to share that with you.

You intend to pass EMC audits with flying colors

One of the worst nightmares of many entrepreneurs is the EMC audit: that’s when it is decided whether you can bring your product to market or not. With clever tactics and smart decisions made at the right moment, you won’t have to lose sleep over these inspections. It might be as simple as a piece of Scotch tape on the right spot.

When we deliver your prototypes, these tips and tricks will have been incorporated into your design. Has someone else developed your electronics? Then we can review and advise on the prototype in preparation for the audit.

Should the tape on the right spot not do the trick? Did your product fail to pass the EMC audit? We can do a complete redesign for you, solving the problem and enabling you to obtain the certification.

You want to start production

You are almost set for…production! Going to market with your very own product. Seizing an opportunity by meeting a need. Wonderful!

Have we developed your electronics? Then you are likely to move smoothly from prototype development to (mass) production. Perhaps field studies revealed some areas of improvement you wish to implement in the first run. Naturally, we will take care of that.

Would you like to amass multiple suggestions for improvement and implement them in an official new version? We get that! We will list all the modifications and requirements and make sure these are discussed before the next production run. In this way, neither one of us will forget anything, nor will we lose sight of your wishes and demands.

You require independent reviews

Your electronics have been developed by an external party, but you lack the time, knowledge, or resources to review them. Or you need fresh eyes on your product because, for instance, you suspect an anomaly in your schematics or designs.

Whatever the reasons, we are there for you.

Simply send us an email or call Casper to discuss your requests for an external review. We will walk you through the possibilities.

You are looking for critical feedback

You have an idea but don’t know exactly how to get started. Or you wish to review your plans with someone knowledgeable and experienced. Perhaps gather multiple perspectives on business vision and mission: yours, that of your end-user, and/or the manufacturer.

We can host a brainstorming session or provide an extensive advisory report. Or something in between – whatever fits your request and situation.

You have a problem that appears irresolvable

You have developed electronics and suffer a recurring problem. The cause appears hard to solve. You have turned the design inside out, tried everything, but can’t find a solution.

We have been there. And while the time it takes to tackle a problem varies, we have always been able to uncover the issue. And solve it! That’s Pink Fluffy Unicorns for you.

Incidentally, we can tell you the nature of the problem and its possible solutions, but you decide who solves it – you or us. Whatever works best for you.

We are more than happy to develop – or support the development – of electronics that work. In just one take.

Sometimes you just need a Unicorn...
to get the job done