What we do

What we do

Although far from simple, what we do is easy to explain. We develop electronics for customers, or help them with the development or improvement of a product. We also offer consultancy and interim management services to customers in the electronics industry.

In short, we would be very happy to rise to any challenge in the electronics field.

Development, consultancy &
interim management

We do what we do best and thoroughly, tenaciously and, if necessary, unconventionally get to the heart of the matter. We are only satisfied when you are.

We can help you with the (re)structuring of your production, for example. Making sure that with more efficient and cheaper production,  your products come out just as good or even better. We can also help you improve your supply chain management. Or take a careful look at your development team, in order to improve their efficiency. Do you have an idea and are you looking for a good consultant and sparring partner to concretise the idea and explore the possibilities? This is another area we can be of service with.

We have special in-house technical expertise in the field of design, EMC, DSP, DfM, DfT, DfE, DfX, analogue, 3D integration, IoT, ultra-low power, audio, FPGA, PC standards and complex mixed signal systems in general. We also have extensive embedded software knowledge at our disposal. We have gained broad experience in the field of Internet, back offices, databases, CMS, CRM, ERP, intranet and E-Commerce for electronics connected via GPRS or an IoT standard. Please contact us to find out what we can do for each other.

Please contact us to find out what we can do for each other.


and, if necessary, unconventionally...