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Who we are

Pink Fluffy Unicorns are cuddly, pleasant creatures that make problems with electronics disappear miraculously.

They have a unique – quirky – view of the world and come up with solutions that people wouldn’t think possible. They have the freedom to develop without limits, magically fulfilling their customers’ wishes in the process.

Not woolly, but determined

In all seriousness, we Unicorns have some important things in common. We have a huge talent for the roles we play within our team, love our craft, and are highly committed to our clients. In addition, we are determined to develop the best possible electronics.

No, we’re not woolly

No long-winding stories or discussions to explain something. Direct, open, and honest communication. Close connections and plain language. Yes, most Unicorns are techies. And yes, they have a tendency to share all their knowledge and expertise. But we can also judge when that’s wise and when it’s not.

You see, many of our customers are far from tech-savvy. They are entrepreneurs whose ideas can make small or big differences in the world. People with a mission greater than electronics alone. They know what we mean by ‘components’ but haven’t got a clue about the difference between resistor X or Y.

Nevertheless, they understand what we are doing for them. And why we choose one option over the other. That’s because we tell them. We explain every step of the way in simple terms. It’s what we mean by collaboration: making sure we understand each other and trusting we have each other’s best interests at heart. Only then can we develop electronics that work.

A Unicorn in a land of Plain Janes

We call ourselves Pink Fluffy Unicorns for a reason. A good one with a remarkable story about Plain Janes, Joe Schmoes, and an ability to set ourselves apart from others. Ask Casper when you see them.

We believe conventionality doesn’t have to be the standard. Electronics development can be done differently. And we are more than willing to put ourselves on the line for our way of working.

When other people hit the brake, we go the extra mile. It shows in our company name, brand identity, and other communication. But it’s most obvious in the way we work, the results we achieve, and the partnerships we have with customers and suppliers.

Yes, we are strong-headed. Curious too, by the way. But both serve to add value; our hearts are in the right place.

Our name and looks
may be funny,
but we are dead serious
about our work!