Casper regularly writes articles about electronics and related matters. We have compiled them all here for you.

SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) – Part 1

SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) design is becoming less common in electronics design with integrated magnetics module solutions becoming ever better and smaller. Those that …

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Are we shaken up by corona or do we continue sleeping?

Do we still opt for cheaper or do we go for safer, better, and more sustainable? Barely recovered from the fear of the coronavirus outbreak …

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Sprinting while walking is enough

Walking, running or taking a sprint. We all do it for our customers. We develop products at the pace our customer needs. Regularly we take …

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He Wanted To Prove A Point, And What He Did Next Is Amazing!

Those of you who have ever visited my website, will have noticed that it’s designed in cartoon style. This not only resonates with my company …

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Clearance & Creepage

It’s obviously gooseberry season, as I receive very little questions for Ask-Away-Friday. So once again, I invite everyone to send in your questions around the …

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How do I make controlled impedance traces on my PCB ?

The initial demand for Ask-Away-Friday seems to decline, which is why I did not have anything to write about for a couple of weeks. So …

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