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7 december 2021 Casper van Doorne

Why our customers are still in production

These are special times in the land of electronics, that much is clear.
It takes increasingly long for components to be delivered. In some cases, production is halted until March 2023 (!), simply because 1 part or a part of a part isn’t available before.

Yes, you read that correctly: parts of parts that cannot be delivered. Things are getting out of hand. We don’t know exactly how it came to this and why we are experiencing these extremely long delivery times. What we do know is that the majority of our customers are still in production. And they will be next year.

Unicorn Magic? Certainly! 😉
And common sense, strong partnerships, and foresight.

All-in package: from full disclosure…

Many of our customers have opted for our all-in package, which includes both the development of electronics and strategic purchasing. We even arrange for the production of (the prototype series of) PCBAs. On behalf of our customers while harnessing our expertise as added value.

Close collaboration with our customers has enabled us to fully understand their development and sales objectives. As a result, we are able to make the right decisions, from the start, with regard to electronics. This level of proactive service depends on open dialogue – full disclosure, so to speak.

…to the achievement of company goals

The more we know about our customers, the better equipped we are to develop electronics that help meet these objectives. After all, electronics should be a means to an end, not a goal in itself. If your electronic device is meant to help solve a problem or make the world a better place, we can’t wait to be of service to you.

A strong network for some added glitter

About the fact that most of our customers are still in production: you might wonder how they managed that. The exact proceedings are a well-kept Unicorn secret. We can, however, shed some light on the way we work.

It all boils down to the foresight we mentioned before. Building on a strong, worldwide network, we can make realistic estimates of what lies in store and respond well in advance. Sometimes, a customer might be confronted with an unplanned expense. But
when we explain that this is the only way to maintain production in the coming years, they usually approve.

As such, we are proud to be a reliable partner – both for our customers and our suppliers. And that is what adds the glitter to our Unicorn way of work.

Whether you are looking to outsource entire new development processes or redesign an existing product, we offer you this all-in package. The more you include us in your company strategy, the better we can serve you.

And that is what the Pink Fluffy Unicorns love to do: electronics development – and then some. We want to experience fun and success together with our customers. Now and in the future.

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