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11 december 2023 Casper van Doorne

“What is it you do, exactly?”

This is the number one question people ask us: “What is it you do at Pink Fluffy Unicorns?”

Well. Try. To. Explain. That.

Simply put, we develop electronics for our customers’ products. Or we assist in the advancement or improvement of their electronics.

“Is that easy?”

It is easy to explain it to you. But to actually do it? That’s far from simple. Fortunately, we have a strong team of bright Pink Fluffy Unicorns minds at our disposal. Together, we can make anything happen.

So what do we do for our customers? Here’s a quick overview:

Electronics development
Sometimes, electronics have already been made. Sometimes they haven’t. We develop electronics for products with which our customers can comfortably navigate the certification and production stages.

Does an idea stand a chance of success?
Bring on that brilliant plan for that market opportunity! We examine whether an idea is feasible and develop a proof of concept.

A sparring partner
Life isn’t always about rainbows, confetti, and glitz. That fantastic electronics idea turns out to be unfeasible, or a developed electronic device could do with a fresh perspective. Are you looking for (wo)manpower, time, and expertise? We offer you just that. We will discuss the development of your product, contribute ideas, and approach your project from various angles.

Bring your product to market
You are undoubtedly familiar with the CE quality mark: it shows that a product meets safety, health, and environmental demands. The EMC inspection is essential to the CE certification process, as it examines a product’s electronics. It is a butt-clenching moment for many entrepreneurs. Can a product be brought to market or not? We can oversee this EMC inspection for you.

Have we developed your electronics? Then, you can rest assured. The certification process will be a breeze. We will make sure of that.

Unsolvable problems
We love a good challenge, but for you, an unsolvable problem likely feels like you’re in a horror movie: a recurring error in the electronics you developed – or worse, a malfunction that occurs at irregular intervals. And the cause cannot be found. Sometimes, you need a Unicorn to get the job done! So far, we have always been able to find the culprit. And solve the problem! That’s what we do.

Well. This is what we do for our customers. And yes, of course, we know all about the (re)design of PCBs and enclosures, software development, sensors, data processing, Bluetooth, RF data, buck, boost, and buck/boost SMPS designs, switching cycles, and capacitors. But that is a story for another time!

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