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2 februari 2023 Casper van Doorne

Proof of concept… What exactly is this?

Okay, so imagine this: you have an incredible idea. Really, a life-changing one! It will enable you to gain a true competitive edge for yourself or your company. Or for the world because your concept could result in change. Once this product has seen the light, it will set beautiful things into motion. You can see it in your mind’s eye.

But you are also thinking:
‘Gosh, isn’t it strange that something like this doesn’t exist yet…?’
Would a thought like this have ever crossed the mind of the paperclip inventor…?
Or maybe it doesn’t exist because it isn’t possible…
Surely, I’m not the first one to have thought this up?’

You investigate and discover that there really is no one who came up with this idea before you. There are no similar products or patents. Wow! You let this sink in. Now what?

Is it feasible?

The question that keeps popping up is whether what you want is even possible. The answer is in a Proof of Concept, a vital part of a feasibility study.

This study consists of two parts: a theoretical and a practical one.

In the theoretical part, we investigate – or rather compute – whether your idea is viable on paper. To find this out, we start by extensively brainstorming about what exactly you have in mind. We also set the conditions to determine when the concept is feasible.

Next, we dive deeper into the subject. We list the feasibility and unfeasibility of the dominant features and let the laws of physics run wild with them.

When we have found a theoretical way to turn your idea into reality, we create a test setup – the Proof of Concept. This is the practical part of the feasibility study, and it’s a tangible version of your concept to check whether it works in practice.

Even now, we are still only testing the feasibility of your idea. We won’t look into design options but focus solely on the technical possibilities.

Remember the conditions we determined? In the final step of our feasibility study, we tick off as many conditions as possible using the test setup.

All considerations will be captured in a report, in which we also draw our final conclusions. If your idea is feasible, we can proceed with the actual development of your product.

Do you also have a fantastic idea that deserves a feasibility study? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you!

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