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7 november 2023 Casper van Doorne

Discover the secret world of Pink Fluffy Unicorns

They are everywhere in life: ‘lovers’ and ‘haters.’ The first cheering you on, calling: ‘That’s brilliant!’, the latter mumbling: ‘Jeez, go fly a kite, Casper…’

Those of you who know me will recognize this favorite saying of mine: ‘Impossible is just an opinion.’ Impossible ideas? They trigger me tremendously. As happened with my website. Not once. Not even twice, but countless times!

‘We all have our secrets, and our website is no exception.”

What many people don’t know…

Popping confetti spreads joy and makes people smile (lover here) – or it annoys people when they have to vacuum all the colored, round pieces of paper (haters, I see you). But I know for sure that if you are reading this on our website, you are, like me, a lover. You enjoy confetti, happiness, and joy. That’s why we have something remarkable for you here!

Drum roll…Did you know that our website is crammed with secrets that give you that exhilarating feeling of confetti explosions? No?

What we don’t share with everyone…

Imagine …

• …Having a working doorbell on your website.
• …Being able to conjure up hidden coloring pictures by clicking on a unicorn.
• …Having a lamp you can switch on and off with a simple click.
• …Having the right time of day when looking at a clock.
• …Becoming some sort of clairvoyant who can tell what the weather is like today. Without looking out of the window.
• …Seeing a video pop up when clicking on a cartoon. And subsequently having a blast for the next 1 hour, 4 minutes, and 55 seconds…

You will find all of this on our website. We have enjoyed it for ages (and we still do), but NOW it’s time to share it with the people I like best. You!

So go out there, discover, play, and enjoy. Not just on our website but in real life as well. It’s too short to be a hater.

And remember: impossible? That’s just an opinion. Our website proves just that.

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