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16 juni 2021 Casper van Doorne

When fun and success work together

At Pink Fluffy Unicorns, we absolutely love electronics development. It is in our blood. We think about it while taking a shower, or when taking a stroll. And yet electronics is not pivotal to what we make or what we are passionate about. Electronics should matter, but not be a goal in itself, nor an “ah shoot, we also need that stuff” kind of thing.

Our customers share that vision and want to achieve business goals by using electronics. The electronics thus serves these purposes rather than being an end in itself. How one lets electronics help fulfilling business goals depends on the customer, the application, the market and more. One customer needs a robust product that will last for decades. Another customer needs a product that can be produced cheaply and in large quantities anytime and anywhere. Yet another customer just wants a product as quickly as possible. And oh yes, there is always that one customer who wants it all. We get that.

If you look at electronics development from a holistic point of view, you will see that even the smallest or simplest things have an impact. Only a perfectly aligned whole will create an effective product and thus the success of our customer. Precisely that is what we strive for at Pink Fluffy Unicorns; to deliver something that works for our customer. That is exactly how we let fun and success work together.

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