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6 juli 2021 Casper van Doorne

WeLLDesign – WTW Controller

Besides engineering in -usually- long term projects, we also do short projects with simple targets. Just like a project we recently did for WeLLDesign. They were looking for a party that would be able to develop a fan controller quickly and competently. From design to delivery of the final product on their desk in two weeks. “Can you manage that?” is what Arjan Oosterhuis asked us. Sure, we can! And we did.

A fan controller for ZaaK®

Zaak® is a modular garden office that enables everybody to have a workspace in their own backyard. The garden office is available in different variants, all of which are built just as sustainable. For the ZaaK® to be energy efficient, a heat recovery ventilation system is installed. A key element of this system is ventilation that reverses the air flow direction every minute.

Equivalent systems as we have created for WeLLDesign exist in the market. However, none of those systems could be installed in the wall construction, so it was decided to build a custom version.

Not an overly complicated job, however an important and urgent one. As mentioned, we had two weeks to engineer all the requirements into the fan controller and fit it into a -most importantly available- housing.

Arjan explains: “Our other engineering company did not have time to finish this part of the project at such short notice. So, we had to look for someone who could do this quickly and effectively for us. I worked with Casper before in 2017 and decided to ask if he could help. Because of the speed with which Pink Fluffy Unicorns BV was able to pick it up, we decided to start working together again. And with success.”

A no-nonsense product that does what it is supposed to do. Nothing more and nothing less. However, a crucial element in the system. The fan assures there is clean fresh air in ZaaK® at all times. A properly functioning fan controller is key to this.

To ensure that the new fan controller can be produced in the time to come, we have focused on the availability of the main components. Having found the right components, we secured stock at a competitive price.

“It was almost impossible in terms of time pressure”, Arjan continues. “Especially as there was also a bank holiday in those two weeks. Open communication between us and Pink Fluffy Unicorns was therefore important, and it went very well. For a similar job, I would definitely recommend working with them.”

We are so proud! Not just because of the results achieved, but mainly because of the enjoyable cooperation. Fun and success worked well together here. And in the end, that is what really counts for us.

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