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Electronics Engineer

Mirte is the latest Unicorn to join our team. Fresh from school, she is excited to work and eager to learn.

Even before she graduated, she had her heart set on a place on our team. It was an offer we gladly accepted! Mirte is a real unicorn.

Mirte: “I had heard of Pink Fluffy Unicorns, and they do exactly what I like. Also, their office looks a lot cozier than the average electronics company, so I thought: this is where I want to work!’

She impressed us with her impressive resume and corresponding final grades. But her personality and stoic perseverance did it for us.

As a student, she gained lots of practical experience through a traineeship, two minors and a graduation project. She redesigned PCBs and housings, developed software, and worked with sensors, Bluetooth, RF data and data processing. She also delivered working prototypes. To name but a few of her achievements.

She explains: ‘Now that I can put into practice what I learned in school,  I keep myself busy with anything and everything. As a result, I discover new things and learn every day. Casper gives me the freedom to figure things out, and I am given more and more responsibilities. All in all, I am on a steep learning curve and really enjoy it!´