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Daniel Campora

Software Engineer

‘Developing embedded software is where I thrive!’ says Daniel.
He met Casper at Tricas, one of our customers. Their collaboration was so successful that Daniel instantly became a Unicorn.

Daniel is a software engineer at heart. He has been in this line of work since he graduated from the Technical University in Venezuela in 2007. He exchanged South America for Spain, where he lived five years before moving to the Netherlands.

But Daniel hasn’t always been a software engineer. He was a CTO at a company that used Python to develop software programs for IoT products. Daniel helped grow this dynamic company for five years, after which he decided to pursue new career opportunities. That’s how he became a freelancer.

‘I like the perfectionist attitude. At Pink Fluffy Unicorns, we strive to achieve the highest quality and best results possible. I love to do my part in that process. I have learned a lot from Casper and hope to get the chance to teach him more about software engineering.’

Someday, Daniel would like to develop and implement his own Version Control System for Hardware Development. Meanwhile, he thoroughly enjoys carrying out all the awesome projects for our customers.