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Casper van Doorne

Chief Executive Unicorn

Casper is fascinated by electronics and technology and is far from an ordinary techie. Over the course of his career, he has gained experience in a wide range of aspects regarding electronics development and production.

Our chief Unicorn is often heard saying: ‘Impossible is just an opinion.’ And for a good reason. He knows how to translate customer ideas into something tangible that works flawlessly. His attention to detail keeps him going until it’s absolutely right, finishing any project to perfection.

His biggest compliment? A customer told him: ‘The greatest disadvantage to working with you is your refusal to deliver a quick and dirty solution.’

Casper intends to be the employer he never had. He wants to build a company where people do the work they really want to do and are good at. A company with which suppliers love to collaborate. And which pleases customers with electronics that exceed their expectations.

With Pink Fluffy Unicorns, and its team of experts, he has created just the company he dreamed of.