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Technical Unicorn (and Dr. Evil)

“The throughline in my life is to make things and to learn things,” Bas explains when we ask him what makes him tick.

He went from teaching physics to becoming a Technical Unicorn. And Dr. Evil. Now that’s a story we want to hear more about!

Bas: “Up until the last academic year, I taught physics. Back in the day, I obtained a PhD in 3D printing, so I am a Doctor. Since I was to become the first Doctor at Pink Fluffy Unicorns, Casper thought it would be funny to name me after the business he once started: Doofenschmirtz I liked his thinking, so I am officially a Technical Unicorn, but I had Dr. Evil printed on my business card as well.”

Although Bas still loves education, he also cherishes diversity in his work. He had been looking for a new professional challenge.

He continues: “The central theme in my life is to make things and to learn things. And ‘making things’ can be anything: from hardware to computer games and from clothing to furniture. Even though I don’t necessarily excel in the latter two, I make a point of not sticking with what I can do already. That would become boring. So the new challenge as Technical Unicorn fits me perfectly.”

So far, Bas worked in the public sector: science and education. And not without reason. He objected to making money a top priority and wanted to contribute to society instead. As a result, he didn’t feel comfortable with the business philosophy of many companies. Until he met Pink Fluffy Unicorns and Casper.

Bas: “The atmosphere here is different. These people don´t develop electronics to increase a company’s profit: they want to make a difference in the world.”

“Although the switch from teaching to my current position may seem out of the ordinary, it isn’t really. At college, I extensively studied electricity. Moreover, I loved to tinker with programming and electronics and have spent many nights doing just that. The technologies used by Pink Fluffy Unicorns are all based on physics.”

At Pink Fluffy Unicorns, Bas works on electronics and software and generally solves problems. He searches for and finds bugs, like a genuine Sherlock Holmes. He also presents solutions. In other words, this is the place to be if he wants job diversity and the opportunity to learn.

This is also the place to be for another reason, Bas says. “The unique company name, Pink Fluffy Unicorns, perfectly describes how things are here. You can be your true self. Whether you want to share an opinion, bring your dog to the office, or be open about your sexual orientation. A large part of my identity is that I am polyamorous. I strongly support the notion of freedom and the need to avoid suppression. I love that this opinion is widely shared here.”