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Technical Unicorn

‘My heart skips not one but three beats, every time I get to combine the development of hardware and software,’ Jan-Cees answers when we ask him what makes him happy.

‘To do that for a company where everything is allowed, no questions asked: I find that liberty thrilling.’

Before becoming a Unicorn, Jan-Cees worked for various corporate organizations. Although there was considerable freedom in those positions, he experiences much more independence at Pink Fluffy Unicorns. Jan-Cees: ‘For instance, there is room for personal development, we make decisions together. And really, which company allows you to bring your dog to the office? That’s off the wall!’

So Jan-Cees’ little heart starts beating faster at the prospect of developing hardware and software for electronics. And that works out perfectly, as more and more customers require just that.

Jan-Cees says: ‘I am one of those nerds who can’t stop after office hours: I developed an entire Smart Home system at home. I absolutely love programming on Linux because of the free source code. Also, I am all about 3D printing and Formula 1. Oh, and I adore dogs. I put my pup West in the cargo bike, and off we are! To the office.’

When we ask Jan-Cees about a quote that describes him, he answers: ‘Acceleration is everything – hitting the brakes is fear. Just watch Formula 1: driving slowly is more dangerous. To me, life is the same. I need a certain flow. I don’t want to go too fast, but I will limit myself if I constantly keep my foot on the brakes.’

Well, Jan-Cees, let us conclude: ‘We warmly welcome you to Pink Fluffy Unicorns. Let’s go full throttle with your expertise!’