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Roy Valkema

Electronics Engineer

‘To put my brain to work in an environment that’s all about technology!’ says Roy when we ask what he loves to do most.

‘And in a welcoming team, if you please.’
Look no further, Roy! You have come to the right place.

But before we go any further, let’s go back in time…
After graduating from Electrical Engineering at NHL Stenden in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, Roy went straight to work. At Spanninga, he was in charge of the prototyping and (mass) production support of e-bike lighting.

After 7 years of working on these products, Roy decided it was time to move on. With his wish list in mind, he had had several job interviews before he contacted us.

‘I am happy I ended up here. Pink Fluffy Unicorns challenges me to think about technology in various forms and products. I can see myself working here for the next couple of decades!’ Roy beams. ‘I love the opportunity of acquiring knowledge. Of ‘sponging’ as I call it.’

To learn, learn, learn. That’s Roy’s primary objective at this point in his career. We noticed, Roy! He eagerly accepts everything we offer him. His drive and feel for this profession have enabled him to learn much in an astonishingly short time. From day two, he has worked on customer projects while adhering to our brand identity. Fabulous!

‘I enjoy learning from Casper. He is a pleasant person to ask for help. Sander and I also form a great team. Down the road, I would like to work on genuine high-speed electronics. On lightning-fast processor boards, for instance. A board like that requires a highly specialized layout. Working towards such a project would be awesome!’

When Roy isn’t working, he plays the bass guitar at Buoyant, his metalcore band. He also enjoys cycling or rock climbing. During the darker months, he loves reading and gaming. ‘I like watching electronics videos on YouTube as well. I just really love gathering information. Trivia, essays – all equally fun. Just bring it on!’