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Sander Wind

Electronics Engineer

Level-headed, committed, eager to learn, and precise: that’s Sander, short and sweet. But we realized early on that there is much more to Sander than those four features.

Sander previously worked for companies developing their own products. Because we don’t, he chose to work with us.

He enjoys working for a company that designs, develops, and outsources the production of electronics for different kinds of customers. This allows him to deepen his market insight and diversify his knowledge and experience.

Before he came across our vacancy, Sander considered going on secondment. ‘But when you are temporarily employed, you are never truly part of the development team. With Pink Fluffy Unicorns, I am, and I get the best of both worlds: working on products for various companies with a dedicated team. No day is the same, and that’s hugely interesting.’ Besides, Sander feels appreciated for who he is and able to develop his professional skills. ‘I was looking for the chance to create and seize new opportunities.’

Sander really likes to observe how people tackle issues and find new solutions every time. ‘For instance, it makes me happy to see electronics and mechanics aligned and working together as a product.’

The substantive talks with Casper and the high-tech company activities proved decisive in becoming a Unicorn. ‘Casper is a genuine expert, and that’s what I was looking for: seniority!’