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6 november 2017 Casper van Doorne

Power to the Makers!

Almost anyone can make something these days. If you want to make a device, you only need some basic knowledge of electronics, and the rest can be programmed. This, combined with technologies like 3D printing, makes it easier then ever to build a prototype. The current situation in this field has an enormous fun factor and offers room for creative minds due to its simplicity. The “makers” find each other on the Internet and in FabLabs, which spring up like mushrooms.

A large amount of ready-made hardware can be bought for people who want to do something with electronics. Several interesting platforms exist, like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone. There are also many displays, sensors and actuators that can be combined with these platforms. If something is not available as ready-made, a breadboard and some wires can be used to connect an IC or other components.

The interesting thing about this trend is not so much the amount of ready-made hardware that is available. It is that increasingly more people are empowered to convert their ideas into a working prototype. Having a superficial understanding of electronics does not have to be an obstacle to unleash their creativity anymore.

With that superficial understanding of electronics, makers sometimes encounter problems which they cannot explain. At that point, it would be a good idea to involve someone with a deeper understanding of electronics in the project. Someone who can help finding and fixing the problem, so that the creative process can continue.

The journey from a working prototype to production of hundreds, thousands or even more units, is, in spite of the great possibilities, still not an easy one. The assumption that a typical maker product would be suitable for mass production, cannot be sustained. Without explaining the things that need to be done when developing a prototype to a product, it is safe to say that this process requires more time, knowledge and money than you would expect. In this case, it would make sense to involve a party that knows how to develop electronic products. Such a party can help you turn your prototype into a manufacturable and marketable product.

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