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Dino Unicorn

‘Santa Claus once gave me an old tube TV to dismantle. The sheer joy of discovering and creating things has never left me,’ Rick explains enthusiastically.

Electronics is what drives him: every cell in his body is possessed of this passion. So how cool is it to turn your hobby into a daytime job?

Rick: ‘From early on, I have worked with electronics. I never hesitated about what I wanted to do later in life. Studying electronics was the only option.

We didn’t use to have examples, the internet, or data sheets. The only thing we could fall back on were big data books. And I didn’t watch TV, I preferred disassembling it. All that tinkering and researching taught me a lot. I brought that experience and a diploma to the first electronics company I worked for.

Fast forward 35 years and Rick, a seasoned product developer, often designed the electronics and embedded software himself. That knowledge is indispensable at Pink Fluffy Unicorns.

He continues: ‘My experience in product development and my expertise in writing low-level software was exactly what Casper needed. I happened to be looking for another job and we got to talking. I now work at Pink Fluffy Unicorns and I love it.’

Of course, we asked him what sets Pink Fluffy Unicorns apart from other companies. Rick: ‘The unique combination of a homely atmosphere and a genuine ambition to deliver at the highest levels. I love the structured way we handle projects together.

Since Pink Fluffy Unicorns is slightly smaller than the other companies I worked for, we are highly flexible. We don’t need to consult R&D departments or involve multiple people to get things done. And that’s awesome!

Oh, and Casper? He is filled to the brim with energy to get to the bottom of every little detail, solving all the big and small problems. He is very creative and a true electronics-driven man. I intend to learn a lot from him yet!’