Business cases

We would like to give some more insight into what we do and why you can expect more from a Pink Fluffy Unicorn.

In our business cases we tell you as much as possible about various projects to which we have contributed. Obviously, all in accordance with our customers and their NDAs.

Business case Timio®

Timio® is an educational toy with a completely new look. It is the first screen-free digital device on which children of all ages can listen to music and audio. They learn to recognize and use colors, letters, and numbers in a playful way. They can also dance and sing along with different songs, listen to stories, and learn about animals, shapes, vegetables, traffic, and much more.

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Consumer product for mass production

Tricas Industrial Design & Engineering specializes in developing innovative, attractive and feasible products. The so-called Next Generation Products.
In their role as a developer of multidisciplinary products, they often work with external specialists, which Casper has been one of for several years.

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