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19 maart 2020 Casper van Doorne

Sprinting while walking is enough

Walking, running or taking a sprint. We all do it for our customers. We develop products at the pace our customer needs. Regularly we take a step extra or move faster, but never less or slower.

That important deadline that absolutely must be met because of the introduction of a product on the most important exhibition of the year? We go for it! We understand how important this is to you. We don’t say no, instead, we do everything in our power to manage and do exactly what others think will be impossible.

And we deliver a little more than requested. Cause when we say yes, it’s an absolute yes; we go all out for it. Even when it looks like it can’t be done. Even when the circuit boards for the product must be ready in 3 weeks and everyone knows that’s not feasible.

You too walk, run or take a sprint exactly where necessary. That’s what we do for customers, right? We understand each other, each other’s business, the pressure that certain things entail.

And therefore, how frustrating it can be for you if the deadline, that is imposed on you, turned out not to be that tight at all. That almost impossible could have been much easier and would not have had to cause as much stress as it did. That the focus could have been 100% on quality, without having to share this with the pressure of little time. And that it could have been cheaper in the end …

You can do it all, nothing is impossible, you take a sprint for your client when needed. But be honest, if you could have run or walked, you would have left that sprint out of your mind, right?

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